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   Cloak, Mantle and Cape

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   Liripipe hood

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   Tunic and Robe

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   Women's 14th century garb

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Some of our patterns are now translated into English, and there are more to come.


These are simple beginner patterns, for those of you who want to make their first historical costumes for an event or role play. They are meant to give you some initial inspiration and guidance.
Due to their small and simple format, they are quite general in both time and space.
They will give you a first introduction to how clothes looked in Europe around the years 1000-1500. Some models also appeared before and after this time. However, the focus is on the 14th century.


These booklets are not produced in collaboration with any academic institution or museum (with the exception of the Bocksten Man's clothes), and should therefore not be used as costume references in dissertations or research work.




The patterns are Copyright Sophias Ateljés Förlag 2023.
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