We hope that this site will be of help to those who are interested in making historical costumes.

Read about our patterns and the retailers who sell them. Find out were to buy fabrics, sewing materials, other medieval and historical things or even where you can have your garb made.


The patterns are only available in Swedish at the moment, but we are in the process of translating them into English. Many of our customers, with no knowledge of Swedish, have used the patterns anyway since they are so richly illustrated.


These are simple beginners patterns made for those who want to make their first costume for an event or historical re-enactment. They are meant to provide inspiration and guidance.

Since they are elementary and easy, they are very generalized in regard to both time periods and nationality. They provide a general idea of what garbs looked like in western Europe during 1000 - 1500. Some of the models can be found both earlier and later, but the emphasis is on the Middle Ages.

The patterns are listed under “Mönster”.



The patterns are not made in co-operation with any museum or academic institution (except for the Bocksten garb) and should therefore not be used as references for any historical research or other papers.



Sophias Ateljé Förlag is exclusively a publishing-house for historical garb-patterns.

We do not sell or make any garbs, costumes, fabrics, materials or any other historical things.

Unfortunately we do not have any possibility to answer questions about the making of historical costumes. For such questions please contact the retailer where you bought the pattern, a museum or a historical society.


The patterns are sold by retailers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and on the Internet.

Sophias Ateljés Förlag is strictly a wholesale house. If you want to buy single copies of our patterns, please contact our retailers, they are listed under “Återförsäljare”.



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